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Childrens Book Analysis - Giannina Morales English 106 A-15...

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Giannina Morales English 106 A-15 Caruso Children’s Book Analysis November 12, 2008 Children are often influenced by everything that goes on around them. It helps shape their behavior and everything they say. Their minds are like sponges and pick up everything around them. Parents often use television and books to teach their children values. Books often have fairy tales or a simple story that shows them what is wrong and right. Children’s books are written quick and short so the child can read it after the parent has read it so they can comprehend it better in their own way. The books are written in a matter that provokes discussion between the parent and the child. Books often have hidden messages you need to interpret. If you are a child you can take the values and lesson and apply them to your own life. Books are an approach of transmitting ideas and images. The book that I am analyzing is The Ugly Duckling written in the 1800’s. It shows that everyone is different and we should accept each other. In the story the main character is mocked and bothered for not being as pretty as the other ducks around him. He is persecuted by other ducks that think they are better than him. A parent might use this if their child is being bullied for being different. A child might find comfort in the book. Since children are so opened minded and mimic everything around them they might take something away from the behavior that made the duckling excel at the end. This book can be used as a prop by the person trying to start a conversation with a child about the situation that might be similar to the duck’s.
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A perfect comparison to the ugly duckling is a child who looks or acts different than the other kids that they might interact with. A great conversation to help the child express the
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Childrens Book Analysis - Giannina Morales English 106 A-15...

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