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essay3 - I learned to interpret the hidden messages that...

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Giannina Morales English 107 B 14 Professor Adophy May 1, 2009 Reflection Essay It showed me how to be opened minded and to accept any challenge came. Whether it be writing an in class essay with a randomly assigned topic or having to write a research paper with a topic that I didn’t understand and didn’t know how come about writing it. Professor Adophy is a very intelligent and patient professor that took the time to thoroughly explain what he was teaching. He wouldn’t move on until what he was teaching was understood by everyone in the class. His enthusiasm and energy made the class fly by. English itself is not the most exciting subject but the liveliness of the class made it enjoyable. In this class I learned how to write timed essays which allowed me to get better at having to write under pressure. It helped me learned how to write careful enough so that I wouldn’t have to go back and waste time editing careless mistakes.
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Unformatted text preview: I learned to interpret the hidden messages that some stories have behind the line. I learned how to think beyond what the author has written. I analyzed it on my own and along with the authors ideas I added my own which made me appreciate the stories even more. When a story was difficult to understand , as a class we would discuss the all aspects of the story and by the end of class I would fully understand and was able to take on any challenging assignment. Professor Adophy was not a lenient teacher when it came to grading it would take a perfect essay to get a B and an extraordinary essay to get an A. It was the perfect challenge when wanting to excel ones writing. It was a new way of having to thouroguhly prepare for an essay. I must admit it was a headache having to proof read the assignments but at the end it paid off....
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essay3 - I learned to interpret the hidden messages that...

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