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Media Profile - Media Societys Influence 1 Media Societys...

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Media : Society’s Influence 1 Media : Society’s Influence Giannina Morales Psychology 100, Section 3 Professor Cohen April 8, 2010
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Media : Society’s Influence 2 In our culture alot media has a great effect in the way we think, behave and feel about ourselves. Media, allows people to express themselves and get their thoughts out to others. It is a way of communication and it’s all around us. It delivers information that may be vital to us and also it delivers some that, not intentionally, causes harm. Contradictory messages are sent to viewers and readers that negatively influence to go on paths that may not be beneficial to the person. Music is an art form but many people are starting to question how today’s lyrics that focus on violence, dugs not school and had work. With the increasre in violent gangs and drug dealers the lyrics that many rap and rock song todays have a great influence in them.Mnay artist write explicit lyrics about wealth ,acceptance and power.the audience as a result find the lyrics as mtivation to gain the lifestyle. Reality is it leads the audience on the worng path.People want the finer things is life the easy way. When it comes to money, power, acceptance a lot of people believe that it can solve any problem life may thow at them. False beleives like these are motivated by the actions of the media . Rappers like 50 cent ,Jay-Z rap about being hustlers and getting money by dealing drugs and killing peopleand some heavy metal rock song talk about killing those who make your life miserable. Lyrics like this influnce young people to believe dealing drugs in the street will make them succesful, this believe , determination for success, and not having a positive enviroment in their community will make people choose to take what ever action is neccessary .these actions can lead to taking another persons life, going to jailor being killed. Many of the videos that
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Media Profile - Media Societys Influence 1 Media Societys...

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