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Giannina Morales 106 a 15 Caruso Miss Teen USA- Parody October 17, 2008 The parody that I looked at was for meet your band website. It was about this woman with exaggerated long blonde hair that needed to answer the question on why musician didn’t get to meet other musicians to play in a band. I thought it wasn’t as funny as the one that we saw in class. None of the parodies that were on YouTube were as funny as that one. The videos on YouTube were mostly responses about the question that she answered. The lady in the video started off by answering the question then she integrated Miss South Carolina’s answer into her. It was funny when she looked at her sash that said Miss South Carolina and said south California. In this video they were implying that she is really stupid. One
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Unformatted text preview: thing that they used to describe that is the clich dumb blondes. The hair on the woman stood out the most. Also, in the video that we saw in class the person playing Miss South Carolina had big blonde hair. All of these videos have the same thing going on they all repeat over and over what she said after a while it doesnt become funny. The video that I watched was about 50 seconds long and it was an advertisement parody. They were trying to say that people could look in a map if they how to look for band members or they could just go to meetyourband.com. Overall of all the video that I looked at none of them were that funny it was really hard to chose I guess it was because they were over played. The subject wasnt funny anymore....
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