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parody - this is your favorite show but not everything is...

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Giannina Morales 106 A15 Caruso Create a Parody October 31, 2008 We created a parody based on the popular TV show called gossip girl. It is a very racy show about seniors in high school drinking and doing things that are more geared towards adults. This show is not for adults it’s for teenagers. In our parody we tried to show the consequences of acting like the people on the show, what a parent might say if they see their small child watching this and people wouldn’t watch the show if there weren’t any hot people on it. Placing the ad in young people’s magazine would be the best. It will open their mind that acting like the people in the show would have consequences. The people that would be most interested in our ad would be parents it can help educate their kids. It can help them say, “I know
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Unformatted text preview: this is your favorite show but not everything is like this there are consequences of acting like this” it can be like an intro to their conversation. Most ads are about making people buy the product. The people in them seem flawless the products do too. It’s like everything is perfect. Except for like one out of 10000 ads do they show anything that is impactful that makes you stop and say wow. Like the Montana meth project ads. Those ads are so good at opening your eyes. In our ad we tried to do the opposite of what they originally had in mind. We tried to do it in three different perpectives...
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