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Problem 2-2A Name: Dawn Thiessen Section: AC 114 - Unit 3 Enter the appropriate amount or item in the shaded cells. An asterisk (*) will appear next to or below an incorrect entry in the outlined cells. Use the pull-down list to select the appropriate account in the journal. 1. (a) Cash 15,000 Kara Frantz, Capital 15,000 (b) Rent Expense 2,500 Cash 2,500 (c) Supplies 850 Accounts Payable 850 (d) Accounts Payable 400 Cash 400 (e) Cash 15,750 Sales Commissions 15,750 (f) Automobile Expense 2,400 Miscellaneous Expense 600 Cash 3,000 (g) Office Salaries Expense 3,250 Cash 3,250 (h) Supplies Expense 575 Supplies 575 (i) Kara Frantz, Drawing 1,000 Cash 1,000 2. Cash Sales Commissions a 15,000 b 2,400 e 15,750 e 15,750 3,250 850 3,250 Office Salaries Expense i 1,000 g 3,250 bal. 20,600 Supplies Rent Expense c 850 h 575 b 2,500 bal. 275 Accounts Payable Automobile Expense c 850 d 400 f 2,400 Bal. 450 Kara Frantz, Capital Supplies Expense a a 15,000 h 575 Kara Frantz, Drawing Miscellaneous Expense
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Unit3PR2-2Ainteractive.xls - Problem 2-2A Name: Dawn...

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