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Put the following in order: Message, Decoding, Encoding, Source, Receiver Source encoding message decoding receiver Persuasion = conscious attempt by an individual or group to change the attitudes, beliefs or behaviors of another person or group. Name and explain two models for Communication: Ritual: meaning is co-produced when the persuader uses language that the audience identifies with. No persuasion without identification Transmission: meaning is encoded by a source to become the message which is then decoded by the receiver ________america_________ is a large cooperation of media. What does “the media” mean? interaction between source, channel/medium, content (stereotype), and audience What does one mean when they say “The Medium is the Message”? McLuhan; the method through which a message is expressed can effect the audience more than the content Neil Postman felt that Television’s “form excludes the message”. Give an example of this. Commercials have 20 seconds to inform you about a product and persuade you to buy it; a full message cannot be expressed in 20 seconds. What is the difference between pure information, expression, and persuasion? Fill in Walter Ong’s Theory of Media Cultures Culture Medium Experience Thinking Style Persuasive Technique Oral face to face immediate no abstract thought memory aids
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Literature printing separated linear; abstract thought supporting claims Electronic tv/radio sense of participation vicarious participation images Hypermedia internet interactive nonlinear all of the above ________________ = story-tell where you had to use songs to help them remember ________________ = advertisement became heavy in this type of media __________________________________________ = we all think that we are in a huge all live together thing. People think we know someone who they know
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2525_exam1 - Put the following in order Message Decoding...

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