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WK#4 CONCEPT CHECK LAURIE TYLER X = 4 is represented by a vertical line because 4 is the only number stated to be represented and X is always vertically represented, (just as Y is always horizontally represented). Although line X itself is a horizontal line, it represents vertical noted numbers, just as Y is a vertical line itself, and represents horizontal noted numbers. The X line itself is horizontal so as to show location of the numbers moving vertically, and
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Unformatted text preview: the Y line itself is vertical to show location of the numbers moving horizontally. To establish the location of a number line you would locate the number on the appropriate line and follow that line in both directions away from the point of the location line. Example X = 4, is first located on the horizontal X line and then followed through in both the north and south directions to show line 4 itself, (vertically)....
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