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If I were to compile a pharmaceutical-calculations training manual to assist new pharmacy technicians, I think it would be easier for a technician to use if the information was compiled in the form of a flip chart. Each page would refer to a specific topic and contain all the essential information needed, such as: Converting dosages within the metric, apothecary and household systems Converting time and temperature Converting on-hand amounts to ordered doses Understanding the dosage and calculations of syringe medications Each page would contain a conversion chart of the material such as a listing of metrics and the equivalents in apothecary or household measures, (for instance: .5mL=1tsp.) as
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Unformatted text preview: per the first bullet point, or a listing of military time and the equivalents in traditional time, (like 1800hrs=6:00pm), as per the second bullet point. I would also include an example of the most used or simplest forms of math calculations for different situations, so as to jog the memory of the technician on how to do the proper calculation for the situation, whether it be a fraction calculation or a multiple math form of a calculation. A manual set up in this fashion would allow the technician to simply flip to the topic they need and refresh their memory on the proper calculations....
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