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Extra%20problems - Et 4 Show the precursors for the...

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Extra problems 1. Propose reasonable synthesis: a. O acyclic precursors b. (CH 2 ) 5 COOEt COOEt HN c. O COOEt d.  O O O acyclic precursors e. COOH
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2. Provide intermediates and final products for the following reactions: O O O 1. 2 eq NaOEt 2. Br HCl/H 2 O a. Br heat NaBH 4 b. O HO - MeNH 2 c. HO OH H + 1. LiAlH 4 2. H + /heat O CN - 3. Show mwchanism for the following transformation: CO 2 Et CO 2 Et + H 3 C CO 2 Et 1. Na + EtO - excess 2. HCl/H 2 O O O CO
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Unformatted text preview: Et 4. Show the precursors for the following reactions: O a. b. c. O d. O CO 2 Et from acyclic precursor from acyclic precursor O O O NH by cycloaddition one of the precursors must lack nitrogen 5. Show reasonable mechanisms for the reactions below: O COOEt O 1. NaOEt/EtOH 2. H + /H 2 O O O O OH HO-O O...
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