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Reflection Paper - BrianneMcClellanED300T/H12:301:45...

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Brianne McClellan ED 300 T/H 12:30-1:45 Reflection Paper I completed my twenty hours of field experience at Maple Lake Public School. The school was set in a small rural town so it felt like a very caring and welcoming place to be. That was an aspect of my experience that I really liked. My classroom teacher’s name was Mr. K and the class that I was present for was an eighth grade geography class. There were many things that I learned from this experience. 1. Discipline. I learned that I need to work on my discipline skills. I felt slightly awkward in this area. I was not sure exactly how I was supposed to approach disciplining students if need be since it was not my classroom and the classroom teacher was present for the majority of the time. The teacher was usually not present when I first arrived and I was capable of asking the students to settle down if need be. When Mr. K was in the room however I felt as if I could not say anything to discipline the students. 2. Clarity while speaking. The majority of the time I was able to speak to the students very clearly while leading the class in correcting assignments and explaining an upcoming project. There were a couple of times however where I did stumble on my words whether it was due to nerves or pure accident. An example is when I was verbally correcting a state’s abbreviation assignment I ended up telling them a wrong answer which got my slightly flustered
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Reflection Paper - BrianneMcClellanED300T/H12:301:45...

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