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Position Paper - Brianne McClellan/ED 300/12:30-1:45...

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Brianne McClellan/ED 300/12:30-1:45 Autobiography. I have wanted to become a teacher for as long as I can remember. My parents always stressed to my brother and me the importance of education. Because of this I was always very involved in school and made sure that I kept my grades up. The support of my parents as well as my love for learning made doing well in school an easy accomplishment. My earliest memory of announcing that I wanted to be a teacher came in the first grade. I enjoyed learning and playing school so much that I figured there was no better job in the world. As I got older my love of history and the other social sciences moved my decision from just simply wanting to be a teacher to knowing exactly what I wanted to teach. As often as I could I volunteered for teaching type positions. I was a Vacation bible school teacher for two years as well as a teacher’s assistant for two years. Seeing the students learn and knowing that I was a part of what helped them learn was such an incredible feeling. Classroom goals. Motivating my students in the classroom will be one of my top priorities. I feel that motivation towards the students leads to a smoother run classroom and better work and participation from the students. If a student feels like they can accomplish something they are more likely to put more effort into it. One kind of motivation that I will use in my classroom is the act of positive reinforcement. If a student knows what they are doing is correct and good work it will create a self-fulfilling prophecy in which they continue to show excellent work. Other forms of motivation that I will use in my classroom will be creating a positive atmosphere and helping students feel valued. Three instructional strategies I feel are very useful and important are cooperative learning, active
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This note was uploaded on 10/11/2010 for the course ED 300 taught by Professor Davison during the Winter '10 term at St. Cloud.

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Position Paper - Brianne McClellan/ED 300/12:30-1:45...

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