Exam 1 - New orders were founded in order to undertake...

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1. Explain why the Reformation occurred and why there was a Counter- Reformation. The Reformation occurred because many felt that there were clerical abuses and that the church was becoming immoral. Martin Luther was the man who began the protests because of his religious doubts and disputes. The large about of protests is what gave the Protestants their name. The people, who would eventually become the Protestants, felt that Priests had become more interested politics and money rather than spirituality. Priests had begun selling indulgences for money whereas they were supposed to be earned by performing religious tasks. Some Priests were also requesting money or sexual favors in return for forgiveness of a person’s sins. The Counter-Reformation, also known as Catholic Reform, came about as a reaction to the Protestant challenges. A council met in order to codify church doctrine.
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Unformatted text preview: New orders were founded in order to undertake missionary efforts. Also a part of the new order was the Society of Jesus. This society created education and confidence in faith for many young men. A few years later a similar order was created for women, the Company of Saint Ursula. 2. Compare and contrast absolutism and constitutionalism, giving examples from at least one absolutist country and one constitutionalist country. Absolutism is a system where the ruler has sole and uncontestable power. This system of government was created by Louis XIV. Absolutism had a big influence in central and Eastern Europe. Constitutionalism is a system where the ruler shares power with parliaments of elected representatives. This system weakened some nations while it created strong foundations in others. This system spread to the English North American colonies....
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Exam 1 - New orders were founded in order to undertake...

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