Paper #5 - . One of the things that had to be done for...

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Brianne McClellan Paper #5 HIST 361 M 6-8:40 10/4/2010 Chapter seven describes a new community made up of slaves as well as others who  wished to get away from their current lives for various reasons .  I found this chapter interesting  because not only did these people escape; they escaped together and created their own  community where they were able to thrive .  One aspect that I found interesting about their new  lifestyle was that no longer were men in charge .  Instead it was the women who held the power  and the majority of them often had many husbands to do their work for them .  Another thing I  found interesting was that in order to have rights to land they had to belong to a certain family
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Unformatted text preview: . One of the things that had to be done for someone to begin the process was kidnap a new person in order to replace their former position . My initial thought when reading about the slaves escaping was that it was going to seem familiar to me and be like what I had been taught about in high school about slaves in the South and their challenges with escaping from their masters . This was nothing like that however which I found to be a pleasant surprise . It is reading things like this that make me wonder why we were never taught more about Latin American history and their pasts instead of learning about a select few people, who were usually Europeans anyway ....
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Paper #5 - . One of the things that had to be done for...

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