Paper #4 - Because this was stuff that for the most part I...

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Brianne McClellan HIST 361 M 6-8:40 Paper #4 9/27/2010 The negative effects on indigenous people by Europeans are something that I have been  taught about many times in previous history classes .  However, while there was an occasional  brief discussion on the indigenous people of Latin America, it was usually about those located in  North America, namely the United States .  There did seem to be many similarities though such  as millions dying off because of disease brought by Europeans, being forced out of their homes  to new locations, and in some cases being used for labor . In terms of being used for labor, this is something that I don’t remember much from the  Europeans that ended up in North America .  Instead it seems to be something that happened  more often in Latin America
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Unformatted text preview: . Because this was stuff that for the most part, I had previously heard about there was not much that surprised me in this week’s readings . One section of the reading that really stuck out to me because I found it so heartbreaking came from chapter six in Brown . It was the section on the mistreatment of Andean women. I found it disgusting and horrifying how they were treated . It broke my heart for them to read that both women and girls who were working for the mines were essentially used as sex slaves for the Europeans and that sometimes the husbands were even forced to work night shifts so that these people could do what they pleased with the worker’s wife without him being present to try to put a stop to it ....
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Paper #4 - Because this was stuff that for the most part I...

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