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Group 2 - Chapter 10 1 How did the Itzas survive as an...

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Chapter 9 1. Why was Guaman Poma expelled from Humanga? 2. What evidence is there to suggest that all of Guaman Poma’s accounts were first hand? What suggests that they weren’t? 3. What was the controversy over the land debates between the Chachapoyas and the Tingo-Guaman families? 4. Why did Guaman Poma write a 1,200 page letter to King Philip III?
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 10 1. How did the Itzas survive as an independent native political entity? 2. Why did the Itzas still attack even after AhChan had been sent to announce they would submit peacefully? 3. What was the point of the two missions to Merida? 4. Why was AhChan made cacique, then placed in exile, only to be forgiven?...
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