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HIST 385 1 - Once again I agree with Loewen History was...

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Brianne McClellan HIST 385 01 “Lies My Teacher Told Me” 9/7/2010 According to Loewen there are many things that are wrong with the teaching of history and history textbooks. One of these reasons is that teachers only go over what is in the textbook and what will be on the test. I agree with this. I don’t agree that it happens one hundred percent of the time but I do agree that this is a problem much of the time. I certainly didn’t like the classes that simply lectured the book. Another reason he notes is that history textbooks are boring. I also agree with this. While I liked reading about history in school, I certainly did not like reading it from the textbook which was always dry and very matter of fact. Another issue brought up is that teachers and textbooks rarely, if ever, use present situations to teach the past.
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Unformatted text preview: Once again I agree with Loewen. History was never once taught that way for me and I believe that students learn better when they can relate things to their own lives. Another problem is the perspective from which the textbooks are written. Most contain information mostly about white men. There is comparatively, next to no information on people from other races or gender. I agree. As a girl in class I always wondered why that was and no teacher could ever really give me a good answer. One of Loewen’s solutions is for teachers to teach against the textbook. Another solution is to take a more active role in teaching. Both of these can cause controversy and be scary for teachers, especially new ones who are still under review by the school district....
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HIST 385 1 - Once again I agree with Loewen History was...

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