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sociology lesson plan

sociology lesson plan - poster how they celebrate certain...

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Brianne McClellan SST T/H 11-12:15 10/20/2009 A. 9 th Grade Sociology: World Cultures B. Objectives: a. Students will have an understanding of how cultures can be alike yet unique at the same time. C. Background Discussion: a. The previous lessons were spent learning about different norms and customs of cultures from around the world and what makes a society. D. Materials: a. Poster board. b. Coloring utensils. E. Schedule of Activities/Teaching Strategies: a. 10 minutes will be spent listing different customs from cultures around the world learned in previous lessons. b. 50 minutes will be spent working on their poster that will be used as an assessment. F. Assessment: a. Students will create, in groups, their own society. They will depict on their
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Unformatted text preview: poster how they celebrate certain customs such as cooking, dancing, folklore, music, funerals, and weddings. The students will spend the better part of two class periods working on this project. G. MN Standards for Effective Practice of Teachers: a. A teacher of social studies understands how institutions are formed, what controls and influences them, how institutions control and influence Brianne McClellan SST T/H 11-12:15 10/20/2009 individuals and culture, and how institutions can be maintained or changed. The teacher must understand: i. (1) how concepts, including role, status, and social class, impact the connections and interactions of individuals, groups, and institutions in society...
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sociology lesson plan - poster how they celebrate certain...

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