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Unformatted text preview: Attributes of a Critical Thinker Thinker The American Philosophical Association invited a panel of 46 scholars to answer the questions: “What is college level critical thinking?” and “What leads us to conclude that a person is an effective critical thinker?” The panel concluded that critical thinkers share 7 attributes. From Becoming a Master Student by Dave Ellis, pg 174 The 7 Attributes of a Critical Thinker Thinker Truth­Seeking Open­Minded Analytical Systematic Self­confident Inquisitive Mature Truth Seeking Truth Sample Statement: “Lets follow this idea and see where it leads, even if we feel uncomfortable with what we find out.” Open Minded Open Sample Statement: “I have a point of view on this subject, and I’m anxious to hear yours as well.” Analytical Analytical Sample Statement: “Taking a stand on the issue commits me to take some new action.” Systematic Systematic Sample Statement: The speaker made several interesting points, and I’d like to hear some more evidence to support each one.” Self-confident Self-confident Sample Statement: “After reading the book for the first time, I was confused. I’ll be able to understand it after studying the book some more.” Inquisitive Inquisitive Sample Statement: “When I first saw that painting, I wanted to know what was going on in the artist’s life when he painted it.” Mature Mature Sample Statement: “I’ll wait until I gather some more facts before reaching a conclusion on this issue.” So, are you a Critical Thinker? So, “A critical thinker is someone who uses specific criteria to evaluate reasoning, form positions, and make decisions” Sherry Diestler, Becoming a Critical Thinker ...
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