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Slide 2 outline outline of the slides in your

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Unformatted text preview: student’s name and ID. Slide 2: Outline Outline of the slides in your presentation. Slide 3: Background of the Advertisement What is the product being advertised? Length of the advertisement? The plot? Demographics of buyers (age, gender, income level, race, marital status, other interest groups)? Slide 4: The Advertisement Imbed the advertisement in this slide and play it. Slide 5: Persuasion Tactics What tactics are used to make people interested in the product (experts use it, everyone else uses it, clever people use it, repeating the name of the product several times, appealing to emotions, using catchy music, powerful language, etc)? Reasoning errors? Slide 6: Effectiveness What is your final opinion of the advertisement? Is it effective? Why/not? How would you make it more effective? Slide 7: Summary Summarize the key points from the slides. (Do not cut and paste the Outline slide here)....
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