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Action examples examples computers are the main means

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Unformatted text preview: aking action. action. Examples: Examples Computers are the main means of communication in a university. Smoking is banned in public buildings. 1. 1. 2. Conclusion (position) 2. This This underlies that idea of agreeing or disagreeing—that is, saying yes or no. disagreeing—that again, must be based on supporting evidence (premises or substance) substance) Conclusions, Conclusions, Critical thinkers who strive to have opinions with substance have two important qualities: important 1. They know that they are limited in knowledge, They and that they need to learn more about issues at hand. They strive to discern the info they receive; They they look for evidence and are open to hearing all sides of an issue. When they make up their minds on something, they have solid reasons for their decisions. 1. 1. 3. Reasons (premises, evidence, support, justifications) support, Reasons are the statements that provide Reasons support for conclusions. Without reasons, you have no argument; you Without simply have an asser...
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