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CLST 2090 Fall 2010 R. Warga 305 Hodges (388-6616) 10:30-11:30 MWF, Tues. 1-2 Text : Morford & Lenardon Classical Mythology 9 th ed. (Brown cover) Purpose of the course : To introduce students to the ideas presented in ancient Greek myths and to their reflection in modern life. Testing and grades : Four tests will be given at intervals throughout the semester, including the midterm and final examinations (see syllabus below for dates). The first test will cover material studied up to the test; the midterm will cover all material studied in the first half of the semester; the third test will cover material studied since the midterm; the final will cover all material studied in the second half of the semester. All four tests will have the same format: 25 short-answer questions totaling 100 points, plus one extra-credit question worth 4 points. Points will be deducted for misspelling . Note on the syllabus below that students are assigned to take tests on different days by the first letter of their last names. These assignments change
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