Chap018- Delta - Barbara's World Case Analysis

Chap018- Delta - Barbara's World Case Analysis - Chapter 18...

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Chapter 18 - Managing and Creating Change Chapter 18 MANAGING AND CREATING CHANGE USING THE “UNFOLDING CASE” HOW DID DELTA WEATHER THE BUMPY STORMS OF CHANGE? Teaching Tip: To stimulate discussion about the unfolding case, ask students to compare what they learn about Delta in this case with they learned about Southwest, in the video case “Southwest CEO: Get to Know Gary Kelly” and what they learned about airline workers in general in the video case “What Airline Workers Learned from Nascar”. Video cases and quizzes for students can be found at . Instructor notes are located on the website as well. TT CONCLUDING CASE: BARBARA’S WORLD OF WINDOWS, FABRICS, AND ACCESSORIES - HOME CONSULTANT DIVISION Case Summary: The business of home decorating can be extremely profitable. The operation of Barbara’s World of Windows, Fabrics, and Accessories proves this statement to be true. However with the entrance of new competitors and the changing preferences of clients, sales for this company are not as good as they used to be. Sales had steadily reached over $2.5 million in the 70s, but have declined to less than $1.8 million currently. Changes were needed and needed fast! Barbara’s daughter Sandy was brought into a management position at the company. Full of innovative ideas and fresh knowledge, Sandy developed a home consultant division for the business. Her new idea is proving to be highly successful. This new division generated over $1.5 million in sales during its second year of operation. Unfortunately, the home consultant division is not without significant problems and once again this company faces the need to
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Chap018- Delta - Barbara's World Case Analysis - Chapter 18...

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