Chap012-Buffett & Law Office of Jeter Case Analysis

Chap012-Buffett & Law Office of Jeter Case Analysis -...

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Chapter 12 - Leadership CHAPTER 12 LEADERSHIP KEY STUDENT QUESTIONS USING THE “UNFOLDING CASE” WILL WARREN BUFFETT LEAD BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY TO AN EVEN BETTER FUTURE? Teaching Tip : The easiest way to get students interested in this case, is also the simplest - just give them the following information. On January 30, 1990, a single share of Berkshire Hathaway stock sold for $7,250 - an unbelievable sum of money. As of November 10, 2007, the same share of Berkshire Hathaway sold for $132, 210.00 - a gain of 1823 percent! Who is the person behind such an impressive investment feat? The Management Close-Up introduces him - Warren Buffett. TT Management Close-Up Questions : “Warren Buffett has a great deal of legitimate power. What other types of power does he have? Why do you think so?” and “How applicable are the leadership skills of business leaders like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to the nonprofit world of charitable foundations? Management Close- Up Questions: ” How would you describe Warren Buffett’s leadership approach? What type of leader is he?” and “What have you learned about Warren Buffett that you could apply to your own leadership training?” CONCLUDING CASE: THE LAW OFFICES OF JETER, JACKSON, GUIDRY, AND BOYER E Case Summary: The law offices of Jeter, Jackson, Guidry, and Boyer are currently expanding larger than ever anticipated. In an attempt to maintain effectiveness within its operations, the firm decided to hire a general manager who would oversee the “business” side of the organization. This is how Brad Howser entered the picture. While Brad initially started off quietly in his new position as General Manager, it did not
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Chap012-Buffett & Law Office of Jeter Case Analysis -...

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