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Chap005-Ikea & J&G Garden Center Case Analysis

Chap005-Ikea & J&G Garden Center Case Analysis -...

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Chapter 05 - Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Chapter 5 ETHICS AND CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY USING THE “UNFOLDING CASE” There is a very moving video on You Tube called “ Plastic Bags - JUST SAY NO! Set to the tune of “Scarborough Fair”, it shows the impact plastic bags have on the environment, especially on marine animals. The video was produced as a promotion by a group of stores in Australia to encourage people to minimize their use of plastic bags. This can serve as a great lead-in to a discussion of IKEA’s efforts to reduce plastic bag use at their stores. h Student Discussion Question 1: “Has IKEA made headlines recently for any new environmental initiatives? How has the company been progressing toward its goals?” CONCLUDING CASE: J & G Garden Center: Lawn Care Services Division t Case Summary: The new Lawn & Garden Doctor segment of the D & G Garden Center has proven to be a tremendously profitable undertaking for the business. In one year of operation alone, this business segment provided profits, which almost matched those derived from the other business operations combined. Adhering stringently to environmental guidelines and providing specialized training for its technicians though has not been sufficient to alleviate the owner’s feelings of unrest about this business division. The owner is highly concerned about the potential damages to others that may result from the use of such hazardous chemicals. He feels a strong sense of moral responsibility to the community – his hometown. When a disheartening situation arose, purportedly from the use of the necessary chemicals, the owner felt closing the business segment would be the best way to ease his conscience and rectify the situation. His conflict between social responsibility, ethics and conscience, and company profits presents quite a dilemma for the D & G Garden Center. Chapter Topics Related to the Case: Discuss the term ethics Discuss the term social responsibility Describe the impact the concept of moral philosophy may have on a business such as the Garden Center Identify methods a company like D & G Garden Center may engage to help it make ethical business decisions Describe the types of social responsibilities a company like D & G faces 5- 1
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2 Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World, 8 th E Case Discussion Questions: 1. Present an argument in favor of retaining the new division that considers and incorporates the ethical and moral conflicts that Mr. Weed is experiencing. Suggested Response: As the case study clearly identifies, Mr. Weed is experiencing a strong sense of internal conflict over his newest business segment. He personally feels making a profit for his company is insufficient to offset the potential harm that may be produced within the community by continuing to operate the Lawn Doctor segment of his operations.
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Chap005-Ikea & J&G Garden Center Case Analysis -...

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