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1 | P a g e LIN200H5S – Introduction to Language COURSE SYLLABUS - SUMMER 2010 I NSTRUCTOR : Monica-Alexandrina Irimia O FFICE : NB 202B T ELEPHONE # : TBA E- MAIL : [email protected] (the best way to contact me) [general dot linguistics at yahoo dot ca] Utoronto e-mail address : [email protected] ( I have experienced several technical problems with the utoronto e-mail address; yahoo address is the best way to contact me) O FFICE HOURS : Tuesdays: 2 pm- 3 pm; Thursdays: 2 pm- 7 pm in NB 202B L ECTURE TIME AND LOCATION : T UTORIAL SECTIONS : Section Day Time Room TA TUT 0101 Tuesday 10 am -11.30 am NE 228 Julia Su TUT 0102 Thursday 14.00 – 15.30 NE 140 Julia Su TUT 0103 Tuesday 14.00 – 15.30 NE 140 Julia Su Students should attend the tutorials to which they have been assigned; any change in the tutorial section must be approved by the instructor. Course Description LIN200H5S (Introduction to Language ) is a general interest course about natural language. It contains up-to-date overviews of the principal areas that fundament a formal approach to language studies. Some of the topics that will be discussed in the 2010 summer course include the description of speech sounds and sound systems, the structure of words and sentences, the analysis of the meaning of words and sentences, principles of first language acquisition by children, human language and animal communication, the relationships between language, psychology, and neuroscience.
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LIN200H5S, Summer 2010 Instructor Location and time: NE 134, Tuesdays/Thursdays, 12-2 pm Monica-Alexandrina Irimia Syllabus 2 | P a g e Course textbook and other material Fromkin , Victoria; Rodman , Robert; Hyams , Nina; Hummel , Kirsten, M. A N INTRODUCTION TO LANGUAGE . FOURTH C ANADIAN E DITION . Thompson Nelson.2010 Other material (if any) will be handed out in class or posted on the course website. Course webpage Handouts, homework and announcements will be posted, as .pdf and .ppt files on the course Web page, which is accessible at using your ID and password. Evaluation scheme Task Each Total 3 short homework assignments - assignments will be posted one week before the due date - assignments must be handed in at the beginning of the tutorial - 2 best assignments calculated towards the final grade 8% 16% Midterm: July 20 th 2010 , 12-2 pm, in lecture room (NE 134) - will cover material from lectures, tutorials, exercises, homework assignments, assigned readings from the textbook or other
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LIN200_H5S_Summer_2010_syllabus - LIN200H5S Introduction to...

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