Women activists Cora tucker and Stephen Cruz

Women activists Cora tucker and Stephen Cruz - Abbasi 1...

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Abbasi Abbasi Ali English 1 Comparing Essay Activist Cora Tucker and Stephen Cruz, a member of the corporate world wanted to change their society. Neither of them want any discrimination - they want everyone to have equal opportunities. In their articles Garland and Terkel, show their ideas of what the American dream is, and the way they try to fight against discrimination. Cora takes action against prejudice by inspiring and motivating people to be more active in solving the problems that they face in society. On the other hand, when Cruz faces prejudice, he leaves the environment that does not suit his ideals. The article “Cora Tucker: Good Noise,” by Anna Witte Garland, explains how Cora struggle through out her life. Garland details Cora’s life as a child and how this leads her to become an activist. Tucker was born in Halifax, County, Virginia in the town of South Boston. Throughout her life, Cora faces racism. Cora’s mother has nine children and her father passed away when she turned three. Her mother starts working as a sharecropper. Cora starts attending a segregated high school, and she drop out when she was 17 and got married. Cora starts working in the factory where there was no union. Their boss even said that, “If there was any union activity, you all be fired”. The working conditions were horrible in the factory; many people injured their backs because of poor 1
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Abbasi working conditions. Cora worked in the factory for 7 years; in those seven years, she saved enough money to buy herself a land and build a house. After working in the factory for 7 years, Cora injures her back badly, so she has to
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Women activists Cora tucker and Stephen Cruz - Abbasi 1...

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