He notedthat often the spread is divided between

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Unformatted text preview: Wav e Sold er B ackload Tes t Defect A nalysis C O S T A LLOC ATIO N B A S E } } } Nu mber of A x ial I nsertion s Nu mb er o f Dip I nsertio ns N umb er o f Man ual Inser tio ns Nu mb er o f Bo ard s So lder ed Nu mb er o f B acklo ad I nsertion s B ud geted Time in Tes t B ud geted Time in An alysis C OST O BJEC T: PC BOA RD Indirect Costs Direct Costs DIRECT DIR EC T COSTS C O S T Direct Materials Diect D irre ct M anuufacturnng Man facturi i g Lab r Laboor 2. Activity Area 1. Axial insertion 2. Dip insertion 3. Manual insert ion 4. Wave so lder 5. Backload 6. Test 7. Defect analys is Total Indirect Manufacturing Costs Allocated $ 0.08 ´ 45 = $ 3.60 0.25 ´ 24 = 6.00 0.50 ´ 11 = 5.50 3.50 ´ 1 = 3.50 0.70 ´ 6 = 4.20 90.00 ´ .25 = 22.50 80.00 ´ .10 = 8.00 $53.30 Direct manufacturing costs: Direct materials Direct manufacturing labor Indirect manufacturing costs: Manufacturing overhead (see above) Total manufacturing costs $75.00 15.00 $ 90.00 53.30 $143.30 3. The manufacturing manager likely would find the ABC job­costing system useful in cost management. U...
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