Managers should determinewhetherthematerialcostscan

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Unformatted text preview: y­based analysis o f costs highlights how the Mom­and­Pop Single Stores use a larger amount of Pharmacare’s resources per revenue do llar than do the other two markets. The ratio o f the operating costs to revenues across the three markets is: General Supermarket Chains Drugstore Chains Mom­and­Pop Single Stores 1.59% 2.27% 8.61% ($58,997 ÷ $3,708,000) ($71,510 ÷ $3,150,000) ($170,573 ÷ $1,980,000) This is a classic illustration of the maxim that “all revenue dollars are not created equal.” The analys is indicates that the Mom­and­Pop Single Stores are the least profitable market. Pharmacare should work to increase profits in this market through: (1) a possible surcharge, (2) decreasing the number of orders, (3) offering discounts for quant ity purchases, etc. Other issues for Pharmacare to consider include a. Choosing the appropriate cost drivers for each area. The problem gives a cost driver for each chosen act ivit y area. However, it is likely that over time further refinements in cost drivers would occur. For example, not all store deliveries are equally easy to make, depending on par...
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