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Unformatted text preview: ,650 = $8.37 per square foot $50,075 ÷ 2,205 = $22.71 per participant $21,000 ÷ 70 = $300 per advertisement Supplies – Larger programs with more participants will require more supplies. For example, as the number of dance part icipants increases, so will the cost of dance accessories. Rent, maintenance and utilit ies are all building­related costs. Square­footage is the only space­ oriented cost driver available. Administration salaries – Larger programs require more time to enroll students and collect fees. Consequent ly, the number of participants appears to be a reasonable cost driver. Marketing expenses – Marketing expenses include the cost of advertising the studio. As the number of ads increases so do total market ing costs. 3. Salaries Allocated costs: Supplies ($9.97×1,485; 450; 270) Rent, maintenance, and utilit ies ($8.37×6,000; 3,150; 2,500) Administration salaries ($22.71×1,485; 450; 270) Marketing expenses ($300×26; 24; 20) Budgeted total costs ÷ Number of participants Budgeted cost per participant Dance $ 62,100 Childcare $ 24,300 Fitness...
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