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Peer Review Response I felt that Aykil did a very good job with my peer review; she helped me elaborate on a lot of points that otherwise would have done a number on my paper’s effectiveness in conveying social attitudes towards ecstasy throughout the past several decades. Aykil also pointed out some great sources that I could use to discuss social attitudes in my paper. I took virtually every suggestion she wrote down in her peer review of my paper and I also ironed out some minor
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Unformatted text preview: grammatical and spelling errors. Donna tried to advise me on how to improve my paper, but I was confused as to what she was trying to say. I incorporated very little of her advice into my paper for that reason. I fixed my thesis statement, even though Aykil told me that she herself did not have one and didnt think it was necessary for this assignment. My citations were fine, so I didnt touch those, although I added a New York Times citation....
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