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Collegiate Promotions - Runninghead:COLLEGIATEPROMOTIONS 1

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Running head: COLLEGIATE PROMOTIONS 1 Collegiate Promotions  Tyra Brown-Howell Strayer University Strategic Human Resources HRM 530 Dr. Judie Bucholz September 05, 2010
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Collegiate Promotions 1. Evaluate whether or not the compensation system at Collegiate Promotions is effective. Yes, the compensation is very effective because whether or not the independent sales anything or not the company will still make its money from the product. If the independent makes enough money the independent will come back to the company for product the more they sale the more product the independent will buy. Collegiate Promotions really has no way of knowing how much the independents are selling the product for anyway. 2. Discuss why a sales representative would try to sell at the top of the price range? Why at the bottom of the price range? The sales representative would sale at the higher end of the spectrum in order to maximize the amount of profit received for the effort put into selling the product. A career as a salesperson is not an easy job even if you have a product that is
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Collegiate Promotions - Runninghead:COLLEGIATEPROMOTIONS 1

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