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SOC 502 Summer 2010 Homework Week 2 Your homework should be typewritten and double-spaced (except for Stata output, which should be single spaced). Download the YRBS dataset and codebook from Blackboard. You will find the dataset file under the Assignments section of Blackboard in its own folder NOTE: This and all Homework must be turned in via the Assignment tool (which replaces the Digital Dropbox found in previous versions of Blackboard). It is due in Blackboard by 9am on Sunday, 6/6. A Couple of Hints : (1) You must save the dataset to your desktop or other storage device (USB pen drive, etc.) before attempting to work with the dataset. (2) When copying and pasting from Stata into a Word document, use Courier New 9 pt. font. This ensures that tables will line up neatly in Word as they do in Stata. 1. Download the Youth Risk Behavior Survey dataset from Blackboard and then do the following (you will want to save your work periodically): a. Rename all the variables.
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