Cell Bio 08-31 - R elevance Movies-Avatar Could we make...

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Unformatted text preview: R elevance: Movies -Avatar: Could we make Avatar in a lab? Yes, But i t is I llegal. I t is illegal to make a human-animal chimera. -Extraordinary Measures: Pompe’s disease Lysosomal disease. I t is t reatable Orphan drug status Health Care: -Viagra, Vioxx, ventolire. Dentist ry: -Stem cells-Pulp -Companies-Save your baby teeth. Personalized medicine: -Treating patients based on their individual nucleotide sequences. -Due to cell and molecular biology issues Legal issues G INA-Genetic information non-discrimination act of 2008. Fully effective May 2010. No effect on employment PGP ( personal genome project) -Publicly available 100,000 human genoms. I nformed consentAr izona state university, C ancer Problem is two types. Driver: Cause, Passenger: Not important. Cost? Craig Ventex-2000-decode genome. Needs $1000 for a genome. Bioter rorism: Religion: H ESC- Human Embryonic Stem cells. I mmor tality: Sirt is( biotech company) Increases cell and organismic life span. Telomeres- M iotic clock –ends of DNA Create Cells?(L I F E) May,2010 –Yes. Science-Craig Ventex has been waiting 15 yrs to create artificial M ycoplasma. 1.08 Million DNA bases –synthetic. Inserted into a recipient- cell the a rtificial genome. H uman Cloning? Yes, but illegal. Bioter rorism: Foxglove-Poisonous plant, Botulium toxin: C lostridium bacterium, Mech known, FDA approved, Off-label application. RNAi: ...
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  • Spring '10
  • Brunsvick
  • DNA, Personal Genome Project, Bioter rorism, Craig Ventex-2000-decode genome, disease Lysosomal disease, information non-discrimination act

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Cell Bio 08-31 - R elevance Movies-Avatar Could we make...

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