COM140 DAY 4 Homework (1)

COM140 DAY 4 Homework (1) - will read my reply. When...

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The difference between a writer a writer whom I had rapport with compared to a writer I did not have a rapport with is substantial. A writer with whom I have rapport with not only understands the subject in which he is speaking about, but he or she can communicate their feelings to the subject in a tone that is not too extreme but in a manner that captures the readers attention. The writer also expresses his or herself in a way that connects with the reader using details and how the situation made them feel. My suggestions for building a rapport between a writer and readers is as follows. I need to be sensitive to the writer’s feelings as well as others who
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Unformatted text preview: will read my reply. When critiquing a writer I should give at least two good points to every one correction I suggest. Thanking a classmate for their views on a subject and letting them know that I appreciate it, because I did not see it that way before lets them know that their opinion is valued by me. I should never make only comments to a person writing stating just the flaws in their posts. A humble attitude is always accepted by everyone. Coming off as a now it all and stating how I would have phrased a sentence and not providing any or more positive remarks is not a good way to build rapport with my classmates...
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