germ282 - 2.16.10 Quiz next Tuesday Feb. 23. Five pictures,...

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2.16.10 Quiz next Tuesday Feb. 23. Five pictures, have to identify 4 of these pictures. Pictures will be on blackboard. Bronze Age- 1500 BCE – 500 BCE Sky god carrying some kind of sword and phallic figures, and worship of some type of Goddess Norway is not conducive to horses and carts; Iceland has its own type of horse. Horses play a big role in religion and in games. They had horse fights. Some people breed horses for horse fights. 350, Greek traveler, describes when he comes back to native country what a horrible experience it was. Picture of woman with alcohol and coin for afterlife, coin to pay someone to ferry her to afterlife. Lake picture is a picture of bog. In a discovery article, they say that certain men, women, and children were killed in bogs. They would find mummies and bodies in the bog that were well preserved. Most of bog people are found in Denmark, but some are found in Northern Germany. They find other things than just people in the bog. Around 200 BCE – 200 ADE Photograph of skeleton is the first picture of a bog person. “PCGlob” – book may help with term paper Germanic tribes worshiped their Gods outdoors; they did still have temples and worship places for indoors built. But the outdoors has always been important. We throw coins in a fountain now, mostly for the same reason as they did. It’s for good fortune or to worship.
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Picture of green hill is of certain people in community were designated to sacrifice bodies into the bog. The Drauballe Man- his hair is still intact. He died a very violent death; his throat was cut from side to side. He is laid in certain position, as picture portrays. Before he was killed, he was given some type of substance that leads to violent hallucinations, and sense of being consumed by fire and other things. The Tollund Man- the most famous bog person. Probably 150 BCE. This photo is of how he was found. Seems to be in fetal position. Can still see stubble of his beard. He looks peaceful. He was hung. Hanging is very much connected to Odin. He may be so peaceful because he was given such a strong sedative,
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germ282 - 2.16.10 Quiz next Tuesday Feb. 23. Five pictures,...

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