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Final Exam Paper (#4) Global literature is unique in that it can tell different stories about different people in differing settings all over the globe, while simultaneously describing the same set of experiences, thoughts, and moral dilemmas. The best part about this type of literature is that you can read various stories with the same underlying moral concepts, while learning about various cultures around the world. The two short stories from Global Cultures: A Transnational Short Fiction Reader , An American in New York (beginning on page 4) and Lend me Your Light (beginning on page 118), the novel, Kapitoil , and the film, Smoke Signals , all tell stories of different characters of different cultural/ethnic backgrounds experiencing the same journey. The authors/writers of all four stories use similar narrative, character, and setting to create the same sense of struggle their respective protagonist experiences on his/ her journey through an internal conflict. In all four stories, the protagonist faces some sort of internal conflict, whether it is the protagonist vs. himself or the protagonist vs. society, which helps them overcome guilty feelings of assimilation as they shape a new connection with their initial cultures. Karim is the most interesting of the protagonists. The novel is told from a “Karim- esque” perspective, which sheds new light on all aspects of life and leaves the reader in shock and awe as he/she snickers under their breath (Wayne 27). Karim is originally from Doha, Qatar, where he
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2 lives with his father and little sister, Zahira. Being a man of high morality and discipline, Karim takes joy in the smaller things in life, like the happiness of his sister and her continued academic success. Later, this becomes problematic for Karim when preserving his high ethical standards infringes on guaranteed financial support for Zahira’s education. Being a visiting foreign national in the biggest city in the United States, New York City, can be quite intimidating. Not for the confident, over-analytical Karim Issar. While he conquered the complex grammatical rules and abundant vocabulary in the English language, Karim has one last hurdle to successfully mastering the English language; idioms. The always-curious Karim constantly engages those around him in conversation and with his constantly evolving mastery of the English language as he incorporates new idioms into his vocabulary. Karim’s limitless capacity to store new information allows him to quickly form judgments and correctly analyze situations in ways that elude most people. Karim idolized his boss, Derek Schrub, long before he even met him or even started working for Schrub Equities in New York City. After the success of Karim’s program, Kapitoil, he is introduced to Mr. Scrub and soon gets to know him more. As Karim slowly gets to know Mr. Schrub he finds out Mr. Schrub may not be the person Karim thought he was. Karim first notices a difference in the real Mr. Schrub and the personal image of Mr. Schrub when Mr. Schrub sends a driver to take Karim to the baseball game, which runs contrary
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CMLT 270 final prob 4 - Final Exam Paper (#4) Global...

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