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CMLT 270 writing assignment 1

CMLT 270 writing assignment 1 - younger generations to...

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Writing Assignment Literature is both influenced and influences culture and social change. In some instances the evolution of society and culture bring about a change in the way literature is written or the ideas being discussed. At the same time a change in literary style or content can bring about a change in culture and society by bringing to light new ideas and thoughts. For instance, nowadays it is very common for television shows to talk about, and laugh at, many taboo subjects that were not often discussed in media outlets decades before. Shows like The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Family Guy, and South Park among others touch on politics, sex, and many more subjects that were rarely discussed before. These subjects have made it more common for the
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Unformatted text preview: younger generations to discuss these subjects openly. This is a good example of literature influencing culture and societal change. On the other spectrum, changes in culture involving civil rights for women and minorities have changed the way these types of characters are portrayed in literature and other media outlets. Women are no longer portrayed as helpless and are now shown to be independent and as strong as men. As well, minorities are no longer viewed as inferior and are portrayed just like the majority. These are just two simple examples of the varying relationships between literature, culture, and social change that portray my views on their interactions together....
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