CMLT 270 children of men - In Alfonso Cuarons film,...

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In Alfonso Cuaron’s film, Children of Men , Cuaron uses individuals, society, and nature to show how interaction between these forces can lead to not only the demise of humankind, but also hope for a brighter tomorrow. Cuaron uses both plot and themes to show how certain choices and changes in society can shape the future. Cuaron also makes many contemporary references, which could be seen as hints for societal change. By the conclusion of the film, Cuaron leaves many questions unanswered, however, he uses both his plot and setting to state his views on the relationship between the individual, society, and the natural environment. The film is set in London, United Kingdom in 2027. There are many differences in setting and societal norms. For instance, there is a strict police presence with constant surveillance. There is a lot of poverty, pollution, and propaganda. There are militant groups and religious groups, which may also intersect. Most importantly, the elder are not revered as in present time, but the young are. Baby Diego is
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CMLT 270 children of men - In Alfonso Cuarons film,...

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