term paper germ 282 - The demise of the sir was a result of...

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The demise of the Æsir was a result of Odin’s eagerness for knowledge and willingness to accept the fate of the gods as described by the Voluspa. The Voluspa was a prophet who had the power to remember the creation of the world, the creation of all the species, how the Æsir came to power, and could even see into the future and knew how the gods would fall. The seer described in detail to Odin, chief of the gods, how the Æsir would fall. Odin’s thirst to gain knowledge of the demise of the gods leads him to a series of actions that actually cause the gods to fall. There is a term for this in Psychology; a self-fulfilling prophecy. According to encyclopedia.com, a self-fulfilling prophecy is defined as “a belief or expectation, whether correct or not, [that] affects the outcome of a situation or the way a person (or group) will behave.” When Odin interrogates the Voluspa for answers as to the cause of the demise of the gods, he creates a self-fulfilling prophecy by allowing this prediction to cloud his judgment and alter his actions. This type of prophecy, which calls for the demise of a powerful group or person, acts as a self- fulfilling prophecy in other stories and myths as well. Comparisons from other stories and Odin’s specific actions in his thirst to understand the demise of the gods will bring to light the reasons why this self-fulfilling prophecy leads to the demise of the Æsir. This type of behavior is not uncommon in literature. A great example of this is in the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter is an average wizard, who gets marked as a baby due to the indiscretion of a dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemort is the most powerful wizard in the world and is quickly gaining support and power. At the height of his power a seer makes a prophecy about him stating that the one person who could defeat him was recently born among other clues leading to who it is. In the fictional series, prophesies do not always come true, but some have the potential to become true.
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Lord Voldemort, fearing for his demise, hastily discovers who the baby could be and comes to Harry Potter. When Lord Voldemort tries to kill Harry Potter as a baby, the curse backfires and it transfers some of Lord Voldemort’s powers to Harry Potter. It states in the book that once
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term paper germ 282 - The demise of the sir was a result of...

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