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Axia College Material Appendix F Security Manager Interview Directions Contact a security manager and conduct the interview listed in Part I (space has been provided for extra questions, should you ask any). Once the interview has been completed, answer the questions in Part II. Part I: Interview Questionnaire 1. Can you briefly describe your current position, its duties, and responsibilities? “ My current position is basically the night shift security guard, but since there are only two of us they call us Security Leads. I usually sit in front of a bunch of monitors most of the night. I walk throu gh the plant once an hour to make sure that all is well through-out the place, I do a perimeter check also once an hour. Most would think that just watching the monitors is enough but with my 15 years of experience I know that there are a few things here and there that the monitor misses. If I should come across something that needs my attention I try to diffuse the situation. If I do not think I can handle it alone or it is out of my expertise I call the local P.D. for back up. 2. What is your hiring procedure like for personnel? Well I don't do the hiring/firing around here. The company does that. However, I do know that each new employee is subject to a drug screening and a background check.” 3. Is there any type of pre-employment screening? “I know that some places do sorts of different screenings, but like I said, here they just get the background check and drug screen and if they pass them then they are at least going to be considered.” 4. What qualifications do you require of applicants? Well, as I said earlier, there are currently only two of us. We both have extensive police backgrounds. I have 15 years experience in the field; about 11 as a police officer and about 4 as CJS 250
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a state police officer. He has about 9 years as a local police officer and 4 as a Sheriff. We had a
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cjs250_appendix_f - Axia College Material Appendix F...

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