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Sample Cover Letter August 30, 2010 2715A Galaxy Lane Austin, Texas 78653 [email protected] (512) 639-0978 Ms. Barbara Hoffman Recruiting Coordinator Lockheed Martin P.O. Box 599 Bethesda, Maryland 20817 Dear Ms. Hoffman: 1 st paragraph: Introduce yourself, explain how you know about the company and/or position, and state for which position you would like to be interviewed As a fourth-year student in the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas, I look forward to seeing Lockheed Martin on campus during engineering week. Moreover, I learned recruiters will be conducting on-campus interviews. I am writing to request a spot on your closed schedule for aerospace engineers on September 15. 2 nd paragraph: Highlight the specific skills you have which are relevant to the job description; detail your qualifications (but DON’T rehash your resume!) My internship in Flight Mechanics and Dynamics at Boeing Company positions me well for a position within your Aeronautical E ngineering division . As you will see, I learned a great deal
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