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CHAPTER 14 RIZAL IN LONDON Rizal lived in London from May, 1888 to March, 1889. Reasons why he chose to live in this English city: 1)Improve his knowledge of the English language 2) Study and annotate Morga’s Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas 3) London was a safe place for him to carry on his fight against Spanish tyranny He arrived ate Liverpool, England on May 24, 1888. He went to London on May 25, 1888. He stayed as guest at the home of Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor. By the end of May, he found a boarding place at No. 37 Chalcot Crescent Primrose Hill. He was a boarder of the Beckett family. Members of the Becket Family: 1) Mr. Beckett –organist of St. Paul’s Church 2)Mrs. Beckett 3)Two sons 4) Four Daughters (oldest was Gertrude, called “Gettie” or Tottieby her friends) Rizal came to know Dr. Reinhold Rost, the librarian of the Ministry of Foeign Affairs and an authority on Malayan languages and customs. He recommended Rizal to the authorities of the British Museum. He called Rizal “una perla de hombre” (a pearlof a man)
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