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Final Paper Rough Draft - Alec Loudermilk ENGL101 Earles...

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Alec Loudermilk 12/2/09 ENGL101- Earles Sec. 1317 Benefits of High School Sports Everyday, thousands of student athletes practice, train, or participate in games, meets, or other athletic contests in high schools all over the country. These athletes put in hours of their life on a daily basis to try to develop their skills and give themselves a better chance to be suc- cessful. Many people may wonder whether the time and effort these athletes put into sports in high school are worth it. Will the countless hours spent practicing, and participating in high school sports have a positive or negative effect on the teenagers who participate in them? Since mostly everyone will be a parent of a high school student at one point in their life, I am sure most people will be faced with the decision of whether or not to encourage their children to participate in interscholastic athletics. Though sometimes sports in general may get a bad reputation due to the scandals and bad behavior, most of this comes from individuals at the professional level and is not true at the high school level. The fact is that teens who participate in high school sports are more likely to be healthy, more involved and successful in school. They also will develop good character and other helpful skills that will be useful to them later in life. These athletes will be positively effected for the rest of their lives as a result of playing in sports in high school. Everyone who has ever played a sport in high school knows all the hard work that goes into practicing almost every day. When I think about my experience in sports during high school, a particular memory sticks out in my mind. This memory has nothing to do with us win-
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ning a championship, or even winning a game for that matter. I was on the soccer team and we were practicing the day before a game. The last thing we had to do for the day was to work on our corner kicks. We lined up in our positions and went through our plays a couple times and we looked terrible. We were all exhausted and wanted to go home because we had a game the next day. Then our coach blew the whistle and called us to the huddle. He told us we could either go home now or stay and do the plays right. The captains of the team interrupted and said that we needed to get these plays done right now so we can perform them during the game. We then worked on our corner kicks again and again until we seemed to be successful more often than not. A coach finally blew the whistle, then congratulated us on a great practice and told us to go home and get some rest. To me, this memory exemplifies what high school sports are all about, building good leadership and teamwork skills, as well as developing a good work ethic. High School Sports has a positive effect of the student athletes who participate in them. This paper will aim to examine all of the positive effects that are a result of high school sports and will weigh in some of the opposition that believe high school sports have a negative effect on the ath-
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Final Paper Rough Draft - Alec Loudermilk ENGL101 Earles...

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