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CRISIS AND RISK MANAGEMENT FINAL EXAM DONE BY : LEE JEONG HOON 1. The first thing I would do is apologize to the staff of buyers who have already come into my office to take their orders. I’ll apologize for the inconvenience and promised to immediately call their boss to explain what happened. - Asking for explanations from my employee about what caused the fire, and why don’t any of them tried to reach me and let me know for what happened. - Explain to my supplier in Japan that everything is under control, that the rumors is can’t be trusted because before the fire that burnt my store happened, I’ve still got so many loyal customers, so the fire doesn’t have anything to do with my competence to handle east java area. - Talk to the fire fighter and asked for what may caused the fire. - After I gathered all the information of what happened with my store, I’ll talk to the police, reporter and the insurance officer and tell them all the information I’ve gathered.
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Unformatted text preview: -Call the investors and creditors that everything is under control. Yes, the store is burnt but it has nothing to do with the business because its an accident and it will be covered by the insurance company.-Call my family and tell them everything is under control and not to be worried.-Gathered all the employee and clear the misunderstanding because Ive heard they talked negative things about me. And they need to know the truth. 2. Hire security guard to stay at the store when the store is closed. So, if something like this ever happened again, at least they could prevent it so it will not become worser.-Put on the CCTV that connected to my phone or maybe my computer at home so I can keep an eye on my store even though Im not there.-Always keep a back up of my computer data so if something like this happened, I still have the customers data. Like their phone numbers, address, last order they made, their bills, etc....
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