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MASC 310 Homework #11: Due 12/11 at 9am, by email or in person the exam review NANOSCALE MATERIALS NS.1 (a) How many cubes 1 nm on each side can be carved out of a cubic parent 1 m on each side? What is the surface area of one nanometer-sized cube? (b)If the parent cube consisted of an fcc structure with spheres 1 nm in diameter, what would be the collective surface area of all the individual spheres? NS.2 Briefly explain how the size or dimension of a material will affect (e.g. increase or decrease) the following materials properties. Cite your reasoning. (a) Stiffness of a 50 nm diameter metallic nanowire (or nanofiber) versus a macroscopic ~1mm diameter wire? (b) Strength of a 50 nm diameter ceramic nanowhisker or nanofiber versus a 10 micron diameter fiber? (c) Thermal conductivity of a 5nm diameter semiconductor (e.g. silicon) nanowire versus the bulk thermal conductivity of silicon? (d)
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