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CANGO FINAL PRESENTATION As we know CanGo is currently submerged in the growing E-Commerce industry. As they look into future ventures in the online gaming industry, CanGo is welcomed by a vastly growing market, with growth in both the software sector as well as the target market they are trying currently trying to penetrate. As you can see by the figures there has been substantial growth in every component of the gaming, users are showing a greater interest as they play the games for longer periods; and log on in a dedication. China who is been one of the fasting growing markets in online gaming has proved that with successful marketing and management a company can hold on to a great share of the market; as we see with the Shanda Company. If CanGo is able to grab these users early enough they too can be the Shanda of US. With promises high traffic and large profit opportunities.
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Unformatted text preview: NEXT SLIDE It is important however to make sure that while CanGo is venturing into a new industry that they keep their figures up in the E-Commerce business they currently run. As the their online retail business has had a steady flow of consumers CanGo can decrease their lost customers by conforming to a commonly acceptable form of payment, like PayPal, which is used by the majority of reputable E-Commerce giants like Amazon and Ebay. Other important notes about the E-Commerce and Gaming Industry, are that both are likely to receive a higher amount of traffic during the holiday seasons. So according to market trends if CanGo is able to close the final details of their new sector in online gaming before the holiday rush is complete they will have a greater chance of their new venture hit the ground running. C Next Aisha is going to brief you CanGo's competitve Analysis...
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