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9746 H2 CHEMISTRY (2007) 1 CHEMISTRY HIGHER 2 (Syllabus 9746) INTRODUCTION Candidates will be assumed to have knowledge and understanding of Chemistry at O level, as a single subject or as part of a balanced science course. This syllabus is designed to place less emphasis on factual material and greater emphasis on the understanding and application of scientific concepts and principles. This approach has been adopted in recognition of the need for students to develop skills that will be of long term value in an increasingly technological world rather than focusing on large quantities of factual material which may have only short term relevance. Experimental work is an important component and should underpin the teaching and learning of Chemistry. AIMS These are not listed in order of priority. Many of these Aims are reflected in the Assessment Objectives which follow; others are not readily assessed. The aims are to 1. provide, through well designed studies of experimental and practical chemistry, a worthwhile educational experience for all students, whether or not they go on to study science beyond this level and, in particular, to enable them to acquire sufficient understanding and knowledge to 1.1 become confident citizens in a technological world, able to take or develop an informed interest in matters of scientific import; 1.2 recognise the usefulness, and limitations, of scientific method and to appreciate its applicability in other disciplines and in everyday life; 1.3 be suitably prepared for employment and/or further studies beyond A level. 2. develop abilities and skills that 2.1 are relevant to the study and practice of science; 2.2 are useful in everyday life; 2.3 encourage efficient and safe practice; 2.4 encourage the presentation of information and ideas appropriate for different audiences and purposes; 2.5 develop self motivation and the ability to work in a sustained fashion.
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9746 H2 CHEMISTRY (2007) 2 3. develop attitudes relevant to science such as 3.1 accuracy and precision; 3.2 objectivity; 3.3 integrity; 3.4 enquiry; 3.5 initiative; 3.6 insight. 4. stimulate interest in, and care for, the environment. 5. promote an awareness that 5.1 the study and practice of science are co-operative and cumulative activities, and are subject to social, economic, technological, ethical and cultural influences and limitations; 5.2 the applications of science may be both beneficial and detrimental to the individual, the community and the environment; 5.3 science transcends national boundaries and that the language of science, correctly and rigorously applied, is universal; 5.4 the use of information technology is important for communication, as an aid to experiments and as a tool for interpretation of experimental and theoretical results. ASSESSMENT OBJECTIVES
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480f_9746_Chem_2007 - 9746 H2 CHEMISTRY (2007) CHEMISTRY...

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