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BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF THE ISO 9000 The first ISO 9000 series had been introduced by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1987. Later ISO 9000 standard were amended and reissued in 1994 as ISO 9000: 1994. Today there are number of ISO series such as ISO 9000: 2001; ISO 9000-2004 and ISO 14001 for environmental which are the prevailing version of standard. These standards put forward international norms of quality management system, which are recognized widely in three symbolic cases to these norms, the organization will be gain more trusted by its customers that it would fulfill well the terms and conditions of contract for supply their products of stable quality as its commitments. ISO 9000 series is a series of standards of quality management and quality assurance. Firstly, the quality assurance standards designed for contractual and assessment purpose
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Unformatted text preview: are ISO 9001 (for design/development, production, installation and services) ISO 9002 (for production, installation and servicing) ISO 9003 (for final inspection and test): The quality management standards ISO 9004 together with all its parts is designed to provide guidance for the companies developing and implementing quality systems. In fact, ISO 9000 series is not a product standard, it specifies requirement and recommendation for the design and assessment of management systems and the purpose of which is to ensure that the organizations provide products and services satisfy specified requirement. These requirements could be the requirements of a particular market, specific customer’s requirements where supplier are contracted to supply certain products and services or requirements determined by the organization itself (David Holey, 1994)....
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