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20-THE ISSUES OF ISO 9000 APPLICATION - there are still...

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THE ISSUES OF ISO 9000 APPLICATION The ISO management system brought the company significant improvement in planning, leading, organizing and controlling to achieve its goals. However, the effectiveness is concerned with doing right things rather than doing things right. So if the quality management system enable management to stop the development of products for which there was no requirement, the management system allowed the shipment of defective products and low quality services to customers, lost one in three customers or let the development of unsafe products to reach the market, it can say that ineffective systems. It has discovered that during the process of ISO 9000 application and implementation,
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Unformatted text preview: there are still several issues that need to be improved in the company. It was claim these issues occurred due to inefficiency of ISO 900 and cast doubt about the necessity of the application. The data collected from company’s annual reports show the trend of the business activities. Through some main business figures such as turnover, cost of non-quality, market share, average annual turnover per engineer, average customers’ inquiries, complains and claims we can recognize how the application of ISO 9000 have been effected the company’s business activities....
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